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“Straight Talk Nutrition” – is exactly as our name describes us – a no fluff, no waffle, just a straight talk nutrition provider – both for knowledge and for products.

We are a community for health conscious people and families who want to live and perform at their best!

If you are, or want to become, a person or family who wants to live and perform at their best, then you will want to, either:

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Liqui-Vite®Invest in healthy food and natural nutrition for your child

Give your child a good start. Invest in the essential building blocks to a lifetime of good health – with a healthy diet and NEO Life’s top nutritional solutions. More info

NeoLifeShake Berries n' CreamLet us help you get started on your New Body, Better Life!

Designed with you in mind, and with so many ideas for weight loss around, NeoLife has designed a programme based on the science of Cellular nutrition and GR (Glycaemic Response) Control Technology. More info

Pro Vitality+ Change your life one cell at a time!Low energy, fatigue, fighting time, too-busy lifestyle?

Constant fatigue is our bodies way of telling us that something is wrong. We recommend a healthy lifestyle change, along with an improvement of your nutritional intake to prevent more serious issues down the line. More info

Carotenoid Complex™Feeling sick too often, low resistance to flu’s, colds or diseases?

Give your body powerful immune-boosting nutrition with NEO Life’s Carotenoid Complex whole food supplement. More info

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