Weight Management 4 tips to keep on track

4 tips to stay on track with your weight management programme

The trick to “stay on track” once you have started on your weight management programme, is to understand what factors you can focus on to keep you motivated. We all search for the willpower to keep it up on our own, often all we need are those external motivators, mental or physical rewards.

Here are 4 great tips to that can help you stay on track, and boost your motivation levels too:


By buddying up, you are not going at it alone. Having a buddy to motivate, exercise with, or even to talk to is a great way to stay motivated. You will have them remind you about where you are in the programme; the progress you are currently making, and you are less likely to skip your workouts, especially if that person is going to rely on you. It can be a visa, versa, positive partnership.

By incorporating your buddy into your routine workouts, or weight management programme, you are able to motivate, push and encourage each other. Plus, you will have someone to hold you accountable or remind you of why you started in the first place.

Remember, your buddy will also serve as a good support system as they too are working towards their goals, and are more likely working towards goals that are similar to yours.

TWO ~ DON’T STAGNATE – overcome your plateaus

Reaching a plateau is reaching a point of little or sometimes no change after a period of good progress. You may experience a plateaus for the following reasons, here are some of the most common ones:

  • You have skipped meals, and perhaps you have not had time to prepare ahead of the upcoming week
  • Your lifestyle has changed and become too busy, so you are not exercising or do too little exercise
  • Your workouts have become monotonous workout routines and you forget to spice it up a little or add new exercises to your program

Eating healthy and getting in the right amount of meals (not skipping any) will keep your metabolism working and even working at its peak.

To avoid plateaus you need to switch your workout routine or spice it up by trying something else. The occasional change will create a challenge and will keep your body guessing about what you will do next, and it will stay in fat burning mode.

THREE ~ YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR GOALS – now reward yourself

Reaching your goals is rewarding in itself, but this is only an immediate visual satisfaction or slight mental one that may not last. You need to reward yourself to keep you motivated.

Choosing the right reward is important too – as you do not want to reward yourself with food related rewards. This will defeat your long-term weight objective, and can set you back.

Instead, you want to reward yourself with a treat in relation to something new in the line of your weight management programme. Choose something that will excite you for your next workout! Like a new yoga mat (if you have Yoga in your routine, etc.), or some new workout gear, or even a new playlist.  

Reaching your goals and rewarding yourself with the right reward for what you have achieved, will keep you motivated, and keep you on track!


Water, making up +-60% of our body weight, is our most vital and available nutrient – essential to weight loss and management. Water contributes to our state of being stated (satisfied), and helps us feel saturated or full.

Did you know? Scientific studies have indicated and demonstrated when we eat fewer kilojoules at mealtimes and when we need to make food choices, we will choose foods that have a higher water content.

The National Research Council recommends +-8 glasses of water per day for women and +-10 glasses for men.  

If you keep your body hydrated you will most certainly feel the results!

Incorporating these 4 great tips during your weight management programme and once you have achieved your goals, will most certainly keep you on track!

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