Cancer survivor

Testimony of Lisa Christoffersen – cancer survivor & nutritional evangelist

Living in Nairobi and believing that I lived a fairly healthy life, Lisa Christoffersen (cancer survivor) – a mother of two lovely children was  doing both art & design, which she adored.

Her testimony – a story she would like to share with us.

In 2006 I started ” bleeding ” heavily and kept going back to my local gynaecologist  – M.D. Patel who delivered my two children, long story short, Dr. M.D Patel did four D & C’s on me, each time going to the hospital and getting ” cleaned ” out – lots of tests and scans BUT nothing was found and Dr. Patel kept saying to me, nothing is wrong with you – though I knew that something was wrong.  I had lost a lot of weight, weighing down to approximately 48 KG’s and white as anything, being so anaemic.

Upon my last visit to Dr. Patel, I asked him if he could recommend a good gynaecologist in Johannesburg, his reply was….Google it!

I made several phone calls to friends in Johannesburg obtaining contacts for several top gynaecologists.  I phoned each contact only to realise they were all fully booked for the next three months.  Well – I needed to see a Doctor NOW….so I packed my bags, jumped on a plane to Johannesburg the first Sunday I could, by Monday morning around 10 am, I managed to get seen by one Johannesburg’s top gynaecologists – Dr. Peter Cameron.  

Ten hours later after endless blood tests, scans including CT Scans & X-Rays – I collapsed in bed at my B & B across the road from the hospital.  Tuesday morning very early, I was back at Dr. Cameron’s practice to be told I had stage 4 cancer and lucky if I had ten days to live!

I had two massive tumours in my uterus – one approximately 12 cm long and the other approximately 14cm – each pushing the other tumour, plus a massive tumour in my lungs.

Dr. Cameron asked me if I wanted to take some time to speak to family and to think about this… WELL, I am here to get well, so do what you need to do Dr. Cameron.

Dr. Cameron referred me to Dr. Davis-Pitts who is a top oncologist also based at Morningside Hospital.  I went straight to see Dr. D.P who re-did endless tests & scans on me.  

As soon as the results came back. Dr. D.P.  informed me that I was too weak for her to operate on me to primarily remove the tumour in my lungs before it spread to my brain. However, I was too weak to be operated on and would never survive an operation. So Dr. DP suggested to give me some of the strongest oral chemotherapy treatment in the world  – which requires written consent from the South African Ministry of health. This took another 5 days. Meanwhile – I am getting weaker and weaker, coughing blood and totally out of breath.

The following Monday afternoon I was admitted into hospital.  My lovely Kenyan friend Jerotich was sitting next to me in hospital as the Doctor came to administrate and commence the chemo treatment.

I was curious to know ‘ WHAT ” is chemo!

Soon after the chemo treatment started entering my body, my lungs collapsed, I had 7 blood transfusions, two of which my body rejected and immediately, had a roaring high temperature of 41  – that was the last I remembered.   

I ” died” – but thank goodness the doctors managed to revive me!

I woke up days later in a little tiny corner of ICU in the hospital! I had so many tubes & pipes attached to various parts of my body – including a tract.

This little corner of ICU was my life for the next 5 weeks.  I had weekly chemo for the next three months and am thankful to be here today to share my story with you.

I have a background in alternative healing and medicine and have always been taking nutritional supplements and I had recently discovered the best that I could find – the NeoLife Range by GNLD which is food based and no artificial ingredients.  I believe these helped my ultimate recovery.

I know that if it was not for me having a healthy foundation of the RIGHT nutrition in my body, I would certainly not be here today.

Months later whilst still having treatment at Morningside hospital, I asked Dr. Cameron if he could recommend a top nutritionist that I could see.  He referred me to Dr. Zahn Otto who had diversified into a nutritionist.  I saw Dr. Zahn Otto twice – going through the list of all the supplements that NeoLife has on the market – knowing I was on the right track.  Dr. Zahn Otto said NeoLife is the top of the range nutrition supplements available – and yes I was on the right track.

So here I am today feeling as healthy as ever, still running my own businesses, travelling the world and taking enough variety of my NeoLife daily supplements to keep me protected.  I will never compromise on my supplements and consider it my ultimate insurance policy towards my health and energy.

I cannot walk out my front door without my nutrition in my body!

Lisa Christoffersen



  1. Lisa is a high energy lady, full of enthusiasm, living life to the fullest. She is a walking miracle and her passion for eating correctly and supplementing fastidiously, plugging any dietary gaps has certainly paid off.

    Thank you NeoLife Scientific Advisory Board and well done to Lisa

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