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[Dairy products] Non-dairy alternative products for allergy sufferers & diet preferences

Yes! There are great alternatives to dairy, this is good-to-know for a long, sustainable diet – and for allergy sufferers.

We all know the familiar cows, goats and sheep’s milk, including a wide variety of cheeses; yoghurts and flavoured yoghurts; full, medium and low fat milks, butters; and ice creams.

But, if you have an allergy or intolerance to dairy, you can now find non-dairy alternative products.

Here is a list of alternatives to test and choose from:

Milk substitutes

  • Almond milk
  • Soy milk
  • Oat milk
  • Rice milk
  • Coconut milk

Although these are considered good substitutes, remember non-dairy substitutes vary in levels of protein, sugars and minerals, check the labels to make sure know what your daily intake is and remember to supplement for the lack thereof.

Yoghurt substitutes

  • Almond milk yoghurt
  • Coconut milk yoghurt
  • Soy milk yoghurt

Some yoghurts may have higher carb and fat contents than others, please check their labels and choose what would suit your diets. In general yoghurts may have added probiotics and bacterias.

Cheese substitutes

Cheeses can either be considered as hard or soft. Cheeses vary in taste, texture and even colour. It is made by adding acid or rennet; from fermenting, cow, goat or sheep’s milk; and bacterial cultures.

Note: cheese contains sodium, the brand you choose will indicate the percentage, hence it

Hard cheese – substitutes to consider

  • Cream cheese – nut (Brazil nuts, Almond nuts, Macadamia nuts) or soy based
  • Cottage cheese – use soft tofu
  • Ricotta cheese – soft tofu

Hard cheese – substitutes

  • Parmesan – use yeast
  • Others – processed nuts

Butter substitutes

  • Vegetables oils – olive and sunflower
  • Coconut butter, oil
  • Nut butters

Ice cream substitutes

  • Sorbets
  • Creamy ice creams made from coconut milks or soy milks

Remember that non-dairy substitutes will not necessarily contain all the nutrients as natural dairy products, therefore it is essential to supplement with good quality nutrition.  

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