Food activity Log

Food activity log to complement your weight management programme

Keeping on track with your weight management programme in order to achieve your goals, as well as your  exercise routine, means you will have to keep a record of your daily intake and activities, with a food activity log

Knowing what you have done and where you still need to go may help you to stay on track, and even maintain what you have achieved so far.

Achieving the healthy life you desire requires both a nutrition rich diet and some physical activity. Creating and maintaining a food activity log guides you towards mindful eating and motivates you to exercise. You can watch your fitness progress and weight balance or loss.

By using our Straight Talk Nutrition Food activity log, you will create a simple tracking system to guide, and give you reference to help you log your nutritional intake and workout routine.

Mindful eating

Mindful eating starts with knowing what you are consuming. It is easy to grab a quick handful of crisps or gobble down a small bar of chocolate, and forget that you may have consumed the same types of items earlier that day or even yesterday. Having a record of what you consume during the day in your food log, will make reference to those items, and help you to understand how much you consume and guide you towards mindfulness.

If you are committed to your weight management programme, then you can be committed to writing down every bite you take, start of with a week, you will see how mindful you become when knowing and having insight into your daily consumptions.

You will not only know what you are eating, you will become aware of how many calories you are consuming, daily.

Feel fit, and stay fit with your exercise routine

Not all of us are dedicated gym fanatics, therefore, planning and trying to keep track of your workouts, say – 10-15 minutes daily, will help you understand your progress, and will lead to a sustained healthy lifestyle. In return, and when you are ready, you can up the length of your exercise by 5 minutes each week or every second week. Steadily moving towards an ideal 30-40 minute, 3-4 times a week fitness routine.

Keeping track, building and then maintaining your routine will help you to exercise the full amount of time you require, and you will be able to reach your fitness goals within a couple of weeks.

Download the Straight Talk Nutrition Food Activity Log

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