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Happy Mother’s Day, happy long life – with good nutrition

Would it not be great to have a happy long life?

Each Mother’s Day, you think back about each year that has passed, and how healthy you have been…

Every year on Mother’s Day, we should not only be reminded about how great we are, but how happy and healthy we are too.

We should teach our children to appreciate how healthy our Mother’s have kept us (and created a long life). They should be thankful that their Mother’s health has kept her around for longer, even made her happier too.

Woman and Mother’s play a big role in the home, therefore, it is important for them to feel emotionally and physically healthy. we need to remember that they need to support the other family members on a day-to-day basis (during their long life). They need to effectively continue to do this, thus, it is necessary for them to understand how to take care of themselves, amongst other activities.

It is true about nature, women and Mothers… they have had to endure more life changing experiences through their life – menstruation, PMS, pregnancy, postpartum depression (baby blues), breastfeeding, menopause…

And so the list goes on…

In addition to this, women and Mother’s need to be educated, made aware of the health risks of diseases such as, osteoporosis. Research from the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) indicates that women are at higher risk of breaking or fracturing a bone due to developing osteoporosis. Unfortunately, it is more likely to happen than suffering from breast cancer, heart attacks or a stroke, combined!

Therefore, it is easy for the modern women or Mother of today to neglect their health. They need to balance – health, kids, food & groceries, cooking & nutrition, aging parents, finances, work, and not to mention their mental well-being. Stress sets in and they miss out on essential sleep and exercise.

This is where products like NeoLife nutritionals can play a vital supporting role to a woman, through all stages of her life. Good nutrition supports immunity, bones & joints, cardiovascular health (especially during exercise), cognitive health. And can assist her to get to a healthy weight.

Taking control of your health is easier than you think, as specialists we are able to assist you with natural, organic and scientifically formulated supplements.

The benefits of women’s NeoLife nutritionals is real. So be sure as a woman or a Mother to get educated and start looking after your health. Here are a few tips for you to consider:

Balance, Tranquility, Harmony

Feminine Herbal Complex – For stamina, optimum wellness, calmness, mental stability and prevent abdominal bloating…every day of the month.

Osteoporosis/aching back, healthy joints

Chelated Cal-Mag -For healthy bones and joints and to prevent insomnia.


Chelated Iron – An extremely bioavailable and well absorbed Iron that will not damage intestinal lining and will not constipate. Use Chelated iron for one week a month to prevent Anaemia.

Protect your Memory, Heart, Joints, healthy pregnancy, allergies, anti-inflammatory

Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus -The only Omega 3 to contain all 8 Omega 3 fatty acids, cold pressed and toxin free.

Boost your immunity by 30% in just 20 days

Carotenoid Complex – Scientifically proven to prevent age related diseases, protect you skin, and stop oxidation.

Your Reliable Multi Vitamin and Mineral EVERYDAY!

Formula 1V Plus – Containing a wide range of plant based vitamins and minerals with a natural energy boost capsule.

This nutrition has supported me on my journey through life and motherhood for the last 40 years. Sharing my story and empowering other ladies has become my passion. I truly hope this information can empower you to be the amazing women and mother that you are.

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