Mother of 6 has a body & mind transformation

Meet Lani Meis, a healthy mother of 6!

Lani shares her experience of mind and body transformation after challenging herself to the NeoLife 3-Day detox programme.Mother

“I was a competitive swimmer growing up and in college and have always been in pretty good shape – “once an athlete – always an athlete”. You know that saying. Anyway, I have 6 adult children – pretty much all athletes. When I reached 50 years old, I began noticing my mid section all of a sudden was no longer fit. I am now 56. I have struggled over the last several years to get motivated to do anything – even enough to enter the Challenge…

“I absolutely LOVE the NeoLife 3-Day Detox! I know it’s safe and healthy for my body thanks to the amazing Scientific Advisory Board – and it definitely works! A nice incentive is watching the numbers on the scale go down. I lost 5 pounds! I have done it 3 times now and each time experience what I call a mindset readjustment; a motivation to eat healthy, get back in the gym and a thankfulness that I am able to do both of those things. It literally changes my whole perspective!”*

With the Breakfast Pack I have what I need to stay healthy and burn fat. I am replacing 2 meals a day with NeoLifeShake; which tastes better than ever now after the Detox! I’ve lost over 10 pounds† in 30 days. Just being part of the Challenge is what is keeping me going. We all have to find our motivation and mine is achieving a goal and doing it with others. I don’t feel like I am alone, I am part of a family with NeoLife. Its awesome!”*

Lani Meis, Director








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