Invest in healthy food and natural nutrition for your child

Give your child a good start. Invest in the essential building blocks to a lifetime of good health – with a healthy diet and NeoLife’s top nutritional solutions for:

The building blocks of children’s wellness is...
  • Avoiding refined and processed foods – educate your child on which foods are unhealthy; explain the harmful effects it has on our bodies
  • Teach them how to regulate their hunger cues and meal times – through mindful eating
  • Adopt healthy eating habits and patterns yourself – as children model our behaviours
  • Incorporate fruits, vegetables and nuts (if possible) into their daily diets
  • Supplement with children’s nutritional supplement solutions (our speciality) – to meet their daily energy, immunity health and even brain development requirements


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Good eating patterns can be taught during childhood to serve as a guaranteed path to healthy growth and energy; a healthy immune system; and good brain and cognitive development.

For optimal development promoting a lifetime of good health we recommend:


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To enhance immune function we recommend:


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For additional immune support and health teeth and eyes we recommend:


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To support learning and cognitive development (as well as brain development) we recommend:


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Not only have scientists recognised the importance of omega-3 in our daily diets, research has shown it to be important in early developmental life (brain and cognitive development) of the newborn child and even its mother. Give your child a good start, even before they are born, read more on maternal wellbeing here.

For an easier way (*for fussy eaters) to introduce supplementing into your child’s life we recommend:


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Shape and support your children’s health with natural nutrition, set them off to a great start today!

*These medicines have not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council.
*These medicines are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Children’s Liqui-Vite®

Give your child a healthy foundation for body and mind.

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A practical alternative to pills for infants, toddlers, children and anyone who prefers or requires liquid supplements.Liqui-Vite®

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