Fuel your active lifestyle with Energy, Flexibility and Recovery

Living an active or physically performing (Athletes) life can be a worthwhile investment for your future health – giving your body the right high-quality nutrition can not only increase your energy levels, but improve your performance and recovery too.

Feeding your body the right sources of nutrients, and the right type and amount of protein can have huge benefits for anyone who stays active. As our bodies stay active, they use up all the available nutrients, energy and protein in order to boost your body to perform. It is, therefore, essential to replace your nutrient content and protein regularly, in order to prevent any deficiencies creeping in – as deficiencies can have a negative impact on your overall health, as well as your energy production.

Fuel your performance, fuel your active lifestyle with our

Daily Vitality Pack

30 convenient sachets containing super-food nutrition
Daily Vitality Pack

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Daily Vitality Pack: Provides 30 convenient sachets. Each sachet provides you with essential vitamins and minerals meeting your daily nutrient requirements. Sustained Vit B energy release, antioxidant protection of Vit C and Vit E, broad spectrum of minerals with Tre-en-en Grain Oils for increased nutrient absorption. All natural, organic whole food, no synthetics and no GMO. The world’s most complete and powerful Multi-Vitamin Pack.

Phyto Defence Pack: Provides 30 convenient sachets. Each sachet providing the power of six servings of immune boosting fruits and vegetables to support your body’s natural defences. All natural, organic whole food, no synthetics and no GMO. The world’s first and only immunity pack that is clinically proven to boost human immune function by 37% in 20 days.

NeoLife Shake: Powers your body with quality protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. One of the few complete proteins containing all 22 Amino Acids with an extremely high PDCAAS score (for protein quality and proven absorption). The perfect supplement to feed your cells, feed your body, repair muscles and tissue and to boost your energy. All natural, no synthetics and no GMO!

So what should a good source of protein do, and what are the right amounts of protein to take?

A good source of protein should build, maintain and repair your muscles. It is a key component for every cell in the body and essential for cellular nutrition and energy.

The NeoLife Shake is:

  • Scientifically advanced blend from different sources of protein for a superior Amino Acid profile and absorption, with all 22 Amino Acids in correct ratios.
  • Metabolically balanced with an ideal protein, fat and carbohydrate ratio
  • High PDCAAS (protein quality score) of 1.73
  • Rich source of fibre (5g per serving)
  • Promotes growth and retains muscle with additional branch chain Amino Acids
  • Rich in essential vitamins and minerals
  • Mixes easily in water or milk

Your body cannot store protein so it must be provided through your diet or supplementing every day to maintain and promote good health.

Daily Vitality Pack

Provides 30 conveniently packed sachets

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For the right amount of protein…

It is thought that taking more protein increases your muscle protein synthesis, but according to several case studies, muscle protein synthesis is only optimised after the hour you actually exercise. So, while it is important to get the right amount of protein in, taking an excess amount is not necessarily better, but taking the correct amount and high-quality is. One serving of NeoLife shake is your solution.

For additional energy and high-quality nutrition to complement your protein intake, try our PRO VITALITY+ supplement.

Pro Vitality Plus: Each box provides 30 convenient sachets. Giving you the equivalent of 36kgs of fruit and vegetable for protection and to optimise immunity, 10 servings of wild salmon to manage inflammation and balance your body and 15kgs whole grain foods to enhance energy, improve nutrient absorption, utilization and detoxification. Plus all your vitamin and mineral requirements. All natural, gluten free, no synthetics and no GMO, the world’s most complete Nutrition Pack.

Pro Vitality+

Ultimate Nutrition
Pro Vitality+

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Start feeding your muscles with high-quality nutrition and a good source of protein today! Stay fit, stay healthy!

*These medicines have not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council.
*These medicines are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Daily Vitality Pack

Easy to take anywhere at anytime!

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