[Special post] Clinical trials display the amazing powers of Omega-3

Although we classify a supplement like Omega-3 as an essential supplement to take, caution needs to be taken when choosing the right Omega-3 brand for purity.

Time and again, Straight Talk Nutrition NeoLife’s Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus has given the proven results…

  • Proven bioavailability and assimilation
  • Proven cardiovascular health benefits
  • Proven anti-inflammatory benefits

But, before we jump into the details of the “proven results,” understanding the importance of omega-3 fatty acids for health, vitality and longevity and as science has shown us – is imperative, most of us do not get enough of the “good and essential fatty acids.” in essence we get too much of the “bad fatty acids” instead.

This type of imbalance fundamentally causes or is directly associated with an increase of cardiovascular disease and inflammation, instead of decreasing inflammation and keeping cardiovascular disease at bay.  

Straight Talk Nutrition’s NeoLife Omega-3 supplement is one of the most viable solutions for the average person to use – and for long-term health and vitality benefits too. This then leads us to understand the clinical trial that proves and confirms our NeoLife Omega-3 Plus product is indeed highly effective at nutritional support for both cardiovascular and overall health.

About the clinical trial

  • 31 healthy adult subjects were used – 16 women and 15 men – aged 35-64 years and following a clinical dietary intervention protocol pre-approved by an external review board
  • The study looked at the effects of dietary supplementation of 3 capsules per day of Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus – over a period of 8 weeks
  • Samples were taken at baseline (start,) after 4 weeks, and after 8 weeks
  • All blood sample collection, analysis, and statistical review’s were carried out by independent parties

Now for a more indepth look at the results

Proven bioavailability and assimilation

According to the study, Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus was shown to be readily bioavailable and it rapidly assimilated into cell membranes. This means that the greatest increase in EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid,), DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and DPA (Docosapentaenoic Acid) occurred within the first 4 weeks of the study – and continued to be at a high level throughout the 8 week study period.

Proven heart-healthy supplementation

Lowers Triglycerides – Your blood triglyceride (TG) are the indicator of your cardiovascular health and whether you are at risk of disease. Basically, the lower your TG number is – below 150mg/dL, the lower your disease risk is.

For the study – the majority of subjects entered the study with safe TG levels (below 150mg/dL) – NeoLife Omega-3 supplementation caused a significant TG reduction of an average of 17% – which is phenomenal.

It was noted that the greatest benefit overall was for those in the study with the highest TG levels at the start of the study with one subject having a astonishing 52% improvement!

Proven anti-inflammatory supplementation

Anti-inflammatory imbalances is known to be the a common driving force behind aging and disease. It is understood that low-level inflammation of cells and tissues amplifies the effects for longer periods of time and are directly implicated in the epidemic of chronic disease as seen in South Africa and the world.

This specific trial showed that with supplementation of NeoLife Omega-3 rapidly and dramatically rebalances these good forces – increasing anti-inflammatory and displacing inflammatory Arachidonic Acid.

As these results are a true indicator for efficiency, Straight Talk Nutrition guarantees purity.   

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